Presidential elections in 2010 have revealed complete lack of objective information. Both the state authorities and their opponents were engaged in blatant rigging of the facts and rabid misinformation. In fact, both the regime and the current opposition demonstrated that they are worth each other and, to large extent, are the two parts of one system.
Having faced the propaganda in its worst sense, we have come to understanding the need for systematic analysis of what is happening. This is how «Complex Analysis Center» has been founded.
This blog is a result of our joint work. Being equidistant from both the government and the opposition and financially independent from both of them, we are trying to analyze what is happening in Belarus maximally objectively.
Processes taking place in Belarusian society are so diverse and magnitude, that it is impossible to cover them completely. At this rate we have decided to focus on critical aspects of the existence of any government body — the national security. In this case, we found it necessary to consider national security as a very complex set of processes and events occurring in the areas of domestic life, economy and safety in the narrow sense (i.e. the position in defense and law enforcement, mobilization and technological capabilities of the state, the state reserves of raw materials and products, etc.).
In order to prevent trolling and turning the blog into an information dump, we don’t provide the possibility to comment the materials published here. However, we would be grateful for any comments, opinions and information from the site visitors. You can send all your comments and recommendations to us via email.
This blog was not originally designed for a wide range of readers. Public attention is not our main goal. Our goal is objectivity.