Budget 2015: National Security and Defense sector won’t get additional resources.


The Law “On republican budget for 2015” was published.

A comparative calculation is based on the following estimates:
— the average official USD rate in January-November 2014 — 10 151 Br for 1 USD;
— the rate of 11,900 Br for 1 USD on 01.01.2015, but not obviously fabulous average rate of USD 11 400 Br as forecasted;
— the budget funds to be available to the departments are depicted.2015 in BrConclusions. Analysis of budget expenditures in 2015 shows that there will be no fundamental changes in comparison with the previous year. While this might have been expected in connection with the security situation in the region, the upcoming presidential elections and warlike language of President Lukashenka during 2014.

Fluctuations in the costs may be connected with the beginning/end of the implementation of capital projects. Given the small size of the budgets of departments, even relatively small amounts (USD 5-10 million) make a significant change in the percentage of funding.

An additional source of costs financing of the sector can become different kinds of extra-budgetary funds, state and formally non-state companies. There is no reliable information on the amount of their accumulated resources. The assumption is that this amount does not exceed USD 4 billion, much of which is a different kind of material assets and securities, i.e. can’t be operatively engaged if necessary.