Varta magazine #01


On October 8, 2016 at the 6th International Congress of Belarusian studies in Kaunas Belarus Security Blog and Konrad Adenauer Foundation Belarus presented a joint project — the first independent magazine dedicated to the national security of Belarus – “Varta”.

Download “Varta” magazine

Varta1-eng-1We are pleased to introduce you the online version of the magazine. We hope that you will find it interesting, and the magazine will be published on a regular basis.

In the first issue you will find the articles on the following topics:

— Private military companies as a tool of the expansionist policy of Russian Federation;

— Belarusian military-industrial complex: current state and prospects of development;

— Special services of Belarus: the present and future developments;

— The Fifth Column of “Russian world” in Belarus;

— Belarus in the Russian information space;

— The exit of Belarus from the Russian economic sphere: possibilities and price;

— Policies of Ukraine with regard to Belarus: main directions and impact on regional security;

— The state and prospects of development of non-civil helicopter aviation in Belarus;

— The scientific potential of the Republic of Belarus for defence purposes.

Download “Varta” magazine

We will be glad to hear your feedback on the magazine. If you you would like to see some topics covered in the future issues of the magazine, write to us as well please. On all questions and suggestions e-mail us: